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tv   France 24 News  PBS  February 26, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PST

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the road. sch. can the increases which started six years ago still influence economic growth in the eu while the financial system was saved by the governments to the nationalization of major banks economy still in a bit of a crisis. this opinion was expressed by the famous belgian politician i like this ten k in his last book about the ways to save the economy of the belgian regions they define the main task for belgium and the whole year which is to improve economic performance. according to the export without structural reforms belgian regions without the will to cope with the micro economic consequences of the crisis
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the state believes that government spending should be cut taxes reduced in the conditions for medium size businesses improved according to some studies do for today piece multiple posts in and busted me is that the wheat with a beak that the national identity of benjamin's more than one hundred thousand gbp it so we have to be made that debbie who because of my duty if indignation we have to be among sixty per cent nickel alfonso is remembered from congo. several years ago he moved from france but cannot find a job and went to brussels. there he was lucky he is now an employee of the european parliament actual service. yep it's the pizza. it took me much time to find a job i have a family and i need to feed them. governments need to be able to manage the crisis well. this painting won't see the overall income the crisis will intensify. it was a challenge for me new peanut countries including belgium ah we going to be a bit to recall for and accepted that the leaven of golf team mom and two monty percent oh i'll be going to continue full
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many years seen a that he should stay true to groove made tougher by a zero zero percent de witt regret that when our entire territory of the russian federation and causes that is at least ten percent multi million dollar tv contracts for supply of modern equipment and raw materials have allowed the country to become a major trading partner of this russian region innovations of all types scientists are being introduced more and more context any enterprise is thus increasing their environmental friendliness last year low on the part are supplied to each other ideas and it's gotten almost a half a billion dollars. but the stupid mouse who will go back in two thousand thirteen the foreign trade volume in oct i am mama to one billion one hundred million us dollars four hundred and thirty five million dollars out of this amount discuss and share that new mobile this consists of a continuous flow of such goods as would tie as carriages shop equipment grain and many others goes between kazakhstan and all tired cry in addition the region's
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cooperate in courtroom scientific and technical spears. for example one of the largest businesses and funnel the plant producing heat boilers were seized almost half of the orders we can extend the amount of transactions between the spring in the republic anyway ranges on average between five to eleven billion tinggi. or will have all the buttons ago. we are implementing fall projects in context and now three of them are from boilers seven hot water boilers and two reconstructions the gala but they didn't. that place is hyper already on environmental protection particularly on reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere innovative method of cleaning was introduced especially for the third heat and power station in austin on the wall for the reduced amount of harmful emissions. if approved would really work with students who are proposal would reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by two to three times. we will introduce a new national standards in the near future ahead with the world. are you going to school with a nominal is ready to be installed. i paddled our heat and power station
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immediately after the approval of the state commissioned the construction of some equipment will start in the capital to expand. a memorandum on cooperation in the field of housing construction with the use of green technologies was signed by six organizations on tuesday not to knock their seminal causing a real estate fund the austin also accompany the eco don't cause aggression consortium the incentive for modernization and development of housing eurasian aston university named after allen whom we love and copics then comes ongoing construction the parties intend to cooperate in the implementation of innovative energy efficient environmentally friendly technologies as boston scientific research. for example in the lascivious institute of the physics named after the scoop in line saying whoa said the scientific expertise in this year with domestic experts. mumbai. research work will be carried out on the basis of the region national university names of the old glove. we also plan implementation of pickle houses which will be realized for the development of a dual system of education. all
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decisions in the framework of the number of them will be implemented. all projects will be certified for the compliance with international environmental standards. according to watson a famous pianist and music teacher valerie gets its key came to us tonight and honored artist of russia will hold master classes for young cousin musicians during five days. the young piano players are playing for a major event the international competition for young pianist which will be held in austin i made this year. last year the competition was held for the first time in more than one hundred thirty talents from twenty countries around the world which is a baby in it. the masterclass became a real good opportunity for talented young musicians to get a recommendation from one of the best teachers in the world. among his pupils the world famous pianist been this mad too if it difficult to put it on the point is that it shouldn't have been suspended at the competition all of them were awarded the windows have not passed in the final last time i remember the dentist but so did a good deed he invited all participants winners to the scene at the ceremony and they all receive gifts of
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them played the little card on the piano with him on stage. this is the real foreman of the competition festival. i believe it is our future especially for children ages eight and will be shipping of us admitted the key. the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said and. the show's lead to property strategy is being developed and has expanded in accordance with the law into actual property rights are being granted to people of the team benches and creation of useful models industrial designs as ellis company names and trademarks in the next pope's speech was told that these annuities she would. the property is a keystone in terms of scientific and technological revolution today. the more we have intellectual property registered. the more protected the air and the global market and in the customs union in general us use the terms of the more losses. experts note that the positive dynamics of
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the two of the property market development is being considered because it's an every year. plus the proposal to postpone the fish was super duper full but to do so though. a steady state starting to change the situation in terms of the development of intellectual property rights systems in baking deathly sick as extended to the forefront. there's no doubt about it. from the coast so stupid the zoo's new mission to pluto some leniency. total international intellectual property system allows the cactus to improve the competitiveness of their products. finance ministers from the g twenty agreed to implement policies that will increase global gdp by more than two trillion us dollars in the next five years associated press reports global gdp will grow by two percent over the next five years. such a policy seeks to bring down employment rates
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the aggregate amount of dividends paid by a world of the companies in two thousand thirteen for the first time in history to get one trillion us dollars the financial times reports increased payments to shareholders the company's operating in emerging markets the spices hiding in the year two thousand and nine. us corporations increase their dividends with forty nine percent. british companies but thirty nine percent and the eurozone companies by an average of eight percent. and yes rating agency moody's upgraded spain's government bond rating from t3 to be a tooth. moody's also signed a positive outlook on reading the rating agency has stated that the reasons behind the opry for that for this economic reforms and the potential growth of gdp referring to the us securities exchange commission. if the airport to the swiss banking giant credit suisse pleaded guilty in violation of us law and agreed to pay one hundred and ninety six million years dollars to settle cream out of court. his department of justice has opened an investigation against christie's where i lived in this system new citizens and
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tax evasion. according to authorities. the swiss financial conglomerate has violated the law by providing appropriate and advisory services to clients from us without informing the conditions. which bank will pay about one billion euro to kursk root which is owned by the ears of the media tycoon real courage for the deutsche bank itself the payment would result in a loss of two hundred and fifty million years which will be taken into account in the adjusted financial results for the fourth quarter two thousand thirteen the lawsuit in which the bank and cash group has been going on for more than fifty. it started in two thousand and two and curse to the head of the credit institution or all four years the media mobile crane before and had disclosed confidential information about the deplorable financial condition of christian ministry for blizzard to be which contributed to the bankruptcy of the company as a result forest and he got the information from sources but this did not convince the quantity. the other i eye
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it's a huge it's off to the end of the state. it will she is all took the view that god is to get wet. to celebrate this event. the gp group feel it yet in the historic center of the problem. we discussed the bulk of the portico and economic situation of the car the fiji group chairman said dole in his opening address underlined that it takes energy determination and belief in the future to go with less than one generation state of war to being a fully
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fledged member of the biggest club but the bumper six. we admire everything has been the context. and he added that the bp group has always supported cr which its european ambitions. our supporters constant and other wavering because we are convinced that we are destined to belong to the same community of values we welcome you with open arms is a partner. they're very much looking forward to working with you. croatian democratic union president emo stuff come on go. it was party played a catalyst role in pushing for the eu accession. what is there an hour or an opposition is today addressed the meeting by underlining the importance of eu membership. the first of july twenty thirteen croatia is returning home to the u word belongs as a central european country. he was much more than a common market is a community of free nations for which it wishes to contribute to this community we will support a strong euro and a strong for which a change of economic policies required for which to enjoy real benefits from
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the membership info to the european elections is a vote for that change. during the second day of the meeting participants discussed the prospects of promoting sustainable growth and jobs you. which is tightly linked with the ongoing budget debate. the optional but the best to gpt group vice chairman responsible for budget and structural policies explain the framework of the debate don't send jokes. domingo and unless he has been ditched and european parliament. so this is that the girl up the discussions he got the budget the budget of some of that today tokyo but it is the thirty five percent. this might have discussed that won't mean an addiction. with the stupid
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dumb and so cheap. alicia forty six who was given. for that. and then took the kids until the cheese is going to produce gold and jewels. he says what ppp would it would go. support for the student addiction. to have talks and jokes. you know. we went to the what young people. it's pretty important. she had to cope with the auction page say bye. the succession may force the pope's whether west about the companies which order gets quite a joy following the fall of the taleban in afghanistan woman have been finding ways to express themselves. some have been successful the media. a bit but he's the first human baby stationed in afghanistan. it looks it up in that office epo was ocean is a canadian team deal in two thousand and three. will be the same and patience runs the station she saves much if its programming is out of
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the gigantic moment. thus the need to cut off. i thought that the hospital's twenty oh six due to the front sidewalk the museum it's the but under the present is often discussed the problems faced a woman in laws are the topics could be delayed due to family marriage custom or social issues. i get it after that i have had to have. i think that they can he said abhishek essential up the daisies gave all of the cameras had been at many adults coast lot of that. a bomb it was a little tricky but none of that me on my second cup that i added some water and a shotgun and fish at the subtle social sciences and the city is to say the station has attracted lots of listeners not just women but also men who take
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it in turns to the game of the summer of love and be a kickoff of the savannah. at that time but you have any of the stand in the standings since you took the shot of our moments afghanistan is that it means to be the conservative society the folders have got access to the gk . the tele but have recently for some girls schools to close those women who do manage to choose given that in life have had to work hard for it. that was off the condiment of the pack some of the net. i did have a bobble on the day at school means mileage in china. but ffa will have a lot of vegemite official on the shuttle's first. i don't check the sake of a contract with the tunnel at lake at evening's end of this the buffet that is good and the sunna. the new economy
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club level but a second identical but it's an emotion love. you try getting more than just arrived. they're getting an education. thanks to an initiative of the hebrew university of jerusalem and israel railways train passengers are treated to a lecture but some of the universe is but i didn't have . he says. joe interested in what was coming in so little. we don't work just as fun since it didn't work. the trade the series develops its leader but at the university set themselves up in one of the cars and passengers are invited to join for free. it was dedicated to their deaths sigh still celebrated in einstein's birthday honor his contribution to the country a member of the early zionist movement. i extend
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whatever happens the hebrew university and the creatures intellectual property to the institution. besides the senate race series the unique way to reach out to the and allow them to experience firsthand the benefits of research and education. in the top of the investigation published book that i give on debate india is expected to visit the wedding she is going on for automobiles. i can teach me. i met up with the font was thinking that if the setup is called upon to that spot kick by two thousand and six. why that might be done overnight see's with local fight to get to see. shared office and all that i saw this and just as i'm not the knife that is what the conflict than fifty percent and twenty five. but since this is different the thought that was fine in his credentials in the union also got infected and that in the process of setting up manufacturing units and that the fox the president
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the royal borough of kensington and chelsea constituency phallic say. and by the royal court to cultural society. the event will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary does he join me for a hundred and sixty thousand bees that is the shame is that the will of god. meanwhile it. to see the queen is in you make your visit at the da's. joseph our cities or so from day to showcase new ponds in twenty twelve to celebrate the queen's sixty eight summit friend. a special dining tv friends with some sales. he's fine country takes it into space that is entering sunday's day stretching the imagination and inspiring one and i wanted an eye off the geometric past and seen here with that the structure of current sales. most discussed in captures the essence of happy
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accidents. the event of sensory delights with photos and text is combine to produce breath taking patients. that takes place at the former head of king henry vi. two who has a stylish as it is not just in a while britain has a week scouting heritage gardens with all the news. cc has cost of god intends as a history with string cheese to the city in iraq. i did stop crime trust did project in cornwall is to paste a futuristic by james. how nice is the gateway to the royal botanical gardens. the units can well as heritage sites it's beautiful victorian home house was built in eighteen forty eight she's a dorm the gardens. the ten storey chinese and that was built in seventeen sixty one
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he who holds the nazis connection of comics in the mountains. i want. i also hung my head. and they've seen the torrens title. top changing. in. the in addition to the korean tradition of baking and she ats intangible cultural heritage of humanity list so that we're joined by our cultural were spotted out she was here in the studio to topple a bit more about teaching young so it wasn't just the product kimchi that was honored with the inclusion on this list but the very act of making and sharing kimchi. that's right sound so it isn't enough that this creates that it's the nature strips and teach us more of a collector of me looking scary. it's a
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good title carrying seventy years. high point this distinction was to die sharon can see here for more and this i would say if any has the support that's the mark the first lady of the united states makes a health magazine selected as the world's healthiest feeling anything doctors recommended for its health effects. it's kitschy and it's been a part of korean history for over a thousand years. every year at about this time from the end of november until the middle of december. koreans make a firm anti citation their families were drilled a process called jintao. he takes that many people because kitschy is usually made in large quantities enough to provide nutrition to drop holding termites. the culture surrounding can see the dentist people in the us started making the dish large groups to ensure that adds to it. nowadays people in communities on the bike doing the same time promoting
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the act as the chair and culture. two in light of the seas in the korean cultural heritage administration and the agriculture ministry is hosting a two day give thanks that runs through friday on the culture of kimchi. a ceremony highlighting help people in the past now for the kids to kingston's taking center stage at the bank bought elsewhere different types of kimchi from a different province is earthy level for visitors to sample a number of foreign ambassadors to korea have also participated and even got in on the act of making their own kimchi. attendees to the event of another meeting to celebrate korean steeplechase as cute as it has made it onto unesco's intangible cultural heritage list. an idea. brits are lots of teams and is not the first food item but they did on unesco's list but others are there. until recently no need for collectors in the world taking to it especially since that is pretty accurate
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astronomical really good bye to friends and maybe terry diet sprite these groupings be introduced on the contrary and gas to turkey syria going on skirts and jackets that japan's traditional casino washer cook was just an accident at school this past week so it kinda making the lists a total number of korean items in unesco. it's about sixteen to the steps correct. i shot one unesco has does he have to protect the court to a hair test would dictate city has about eighty thousand properties in this they whistled in two thousand and eight that unesco started protecting non knitting intangible elements of collector. as of now consists of items from dozens of countries have now invested on her best to create now heads the investigation this is the third highest number of falling tide of energy in representations in japan's bbq. we had and some of the secret to his traditional songs and the chills. martial
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arts plot their secret cable down traditional wooden and architecture and incontinence and cami is traditionally against a canberra but she loved for that report sharing time. lol lol lol lol can be in in in in in in in. the essence. chew with
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